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When I say "investing" what one word comes to mind? 
Hot tip? 
Jim Cramer? 

Well, those are not the words I'm thinking of.

Investing has a much more powerful opportunity that most people do not take advantage of. Investing in you. Personal investing that, if done correctly, will lead to wealth and security without one share of stock.

Investing in you consists of several elements. 
Rate your self-investment superiority as you read each one:

  • Think investment. How much "think time" are you setting aside each day? Quiet contemplation. Even if it's in the car with no radio, it will allow new thoughts and ideas to surface. The silence is so deafening, you'll find yourself "thinking out loud."


  • Library investment. Survey your library. Look at the books you admire most. Look at the ones you promised yourself you'd read, but somehow never did. What about the books you need to read to get ahead? And, don't go to the library. Go to your local bookstore or online bookseller. Don't "borrow books." BUY them. Books are not just for reading and learning. They're also for education and reference. It's not your library; it's your PERSONAL success library. Think of it that way and you'll be more willing to invest.

  • Style investment. Do you look successful? Do you feel successful when you look in the mirror? Style helps build self-image and self-esteem. Each person must create their "look," and invest in it. It's part of character. Women have known this for years -- some men are just now discovering it.

  • Mental investment. How much time are you investing in your attitude, and the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. From what side of your brain do you process thoughts? Invest in positive self-thought, and your outcomes will follow suit.

  • Physical investment. What shape is your body in? If it's like most Americans, it's carrying between 10-20 pounds too many. You must invest in a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy look. Don't just invest in a health club membership or workout equipment. Invest in the right food and eating habits. (This is my most difficult personal investment. Travel begets bad personal physical habits, and takes an extra measure of self-discipline.) 


  • Health investment. When you're sick, nothing else matters besides getting well. That's why it's an imperative to invest in heath and well-being. Prevention. Not "cure what ills."

  • Value-first investment. I have a marketing strategy that appears in no marketing book in the world. "I put myself in front of people who can say yes to me, and I deliver value first." My weekly column, my e-zine, Sales Caffeine, my Web site, and my books are all about the value I offer. People read my information, believe I can help them, and they call. In 15 years of selling seminars, I've never made a sales call to book one. Rather, I invest my time in positioning my material to be in front of decision makers. (And it works.)

  • Study investment. In sales, the word "student" is defined by the salesperson's dedication to lifelong learning, AND the salesperson's willingness to research sales calls BEFORE they are made. Study your customers and prospects. Study sales. Study loyalty and incentives.

Time investment.I saved this quality for last, because it's the glue that holds all the other investments accountable. Time to study your product, time to think, time to study your customers and prospects, even time to study the competition. There is also a time commitment for networking, writing, and marketing. Time is your best friend. Take advantage of it.

In my experience, more people spend more time trying to figure out how to get a 7% return on their money than they do trying to figure out how to get a 1000% return on their life, their career, their success, and their fulfillment.

Instead of searching for a hot tip, you might want to consider searching your calendar and inserting some appointments with yourself for thinking, writing, reading, exercising, and studying -- elements vital to your success, but currently missing from your lifestyle.


If you're interested in what I invest my time in, go towww.gitomer.com, register if you're a first-time user, and enter the word INVEST in the GitBit box.

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